Why come to our Workshops?

At our workshops we invite you to attend to and connect with you own body experience so that you can:

enhance your awareness of the rich and diverse stream of information that your body sensations  offer about your own and your client’s dynamically changing states;

differentiate more finely what is your own from what is your client’s material;

explore the intra- and inter-personal meanings of body states and dynamics;

bring the vitality of your embodied presence to your therapeutic attunement and engagement;

experience boundaries as something lived rather than thought, and feel from the inside how they relate to contact;

empower yourself for lively engagement and sensitive or challenging encounters with whatever your clients or patients bring.

For psyche and body are not separate entities but one and the same life.
– C.G. Jung, Collected Works Vol 17

For those who are primarily accustomed  to working verbally, becoming conscious of the underlying “somatic markers” (Damasio) for boundaries and contact, and experimenting with them, can be a revelation.

It can help refine and deepen your understanding of, and responsiveness to, your own and your client’s process, as well as giving protection from vicarious traumatisation and burnout.

In these experiential workshops we will be guided by insights from the theory and techniques of Biosynthesis, Radix Education in Feeling, Somatic Trauma Therapy, and Mindfulness, supported by influences from Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Imagework, Object Relations, and both Psychodynamic and Analytical Psychological perspective.

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