What to expect at a one-day workshop

The workshop takes place in London at the Open Centre – a few steps  from Old Street underground station.

OC entrance   OC map

in a spacious room similar to this one:-


Directions are here.

After a short introduction, we will do some warm-up exercises to put you more in touch with your body.

Next comes an extended experiment in pairs or triads, exploring what the body can tell us about our sense of boundaries, and our experience of contact.

Physical contact is NOT required.

After discussion in the smaller groups, and with the whole group, not only of what was observed but also about how it might be applied in practice, it will probably be time for lunch.

There are plenty of places to eat locally, or you can bring your own lunch if you prefer. Tea and coffee is available on the premises.

The work after lunch will be a mixture of discussion and experiential work, still focussing on themes of Boundary, Contact, Engagement.

Its content and direction will be determined by what has emerged in the morning session. It may include embodied supervision, demonstration sessions, movement to music, as well as more didactic exposition and small group experiences.

After the workshop you will have access to a “follow-up” web page with further references and reading suggestions.

CPD certificates will be emailed to those who require them.

We expect this experience to be informative and enjoyable, and to feel safe and supportive, while offering opportunities to challenge yourself if you so choose.


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