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 Michael Gavin  &  Brian Stirner

Brian and Michael first met as participants in the London Radix Workshops at the Open Centre in the mid 1980s.  Each of us went on to train in Radix Body Psychotherapy, properly known as Radix Education in Feeling and Purpose.  

​Brian trained in United States, and Michael with European training organisation.

​We have continued as friends and collaborative colleagues since those days.

From attending the excellent talks and seminars offered by CONFER we came to see that our colleagues trained solely in ​verbal approaches to counselling and psychotherapy were very excited to hear from luminaries like Dr Dan Siegel and Professor Allan Schore, amongst others, about the place of somatic awareness in their work.

We felt there was a place for ​experiential learning of Body Awareness as against simply listening, talking and reading about it, and that we could supply that kind of opportunity.

Brian Stirner

Brian is a certified Radix practitioner and Biosynthesis Somatic Depth Psychotherapist.

He is a member of the Radix Institute and the International Institute for Biosynthesis, and is trained in Somatic Trauma Therapy.

He is also a director of theatre, television and film, and has taught acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art for more than thirty years.

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Michael Gavin

​Michael is  a certified Radix practitioner and Somatic Trauma Therapist.

He was External Clinical Supervisor to the London Underground Counselling and Trauma service nine years until December 2015.​

​He is co-leader of the London Radix Workshops Programme, editor of the Safe Trauma Recovery website, and a Trustee of the Champernowne Trust.

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