Welcome to the website for the EveryBodyKnows project, unfolding the Wisdom of the Body for Psychotherapists and Counsellors.

The raw materials of psychotherapy - emotion, impulse, attachment, relationship, self-regulation, affect-regulation  - are largely experienced and expressed in our bodies.  

It is so often through a a "felt sense", an embodied appreciation, that we understand and interpret our clients' or  our patients' changing states, as well as our own.  

This is the growing edge where contemporary psychotherapy amd interpersonal neuroscience meets the established experience of Body Psychotherapists.

Our experiential workshops are designed to develop Body Awareness and a recognition of its value and significance for therapists and counsellors whose training and experience is mainly in verbal approaches.

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date to be advised- expected April 2018

10.00 am  to 5.15pm

The Somatic Voice in the Therapeutic Conversation​​​

Exploring Boundary, Contact, and Engagement

Early booking price £200


This two-day experiential workshop will review and build on the now well-established pattern of our one-day workshops:  

  • ​discovering, establishing and maintaining boundaries - for client and practitioner
  • exploring kinds and qualities of contact*, and when contact can be problematic 
  • preparing for and entering into engagement with clients and their inner worlds in the presence of intense affect, and acute vulnerabilities
  • establishing your own embodied resources, including the preparatory ritual, sometimes ( with tongue in cheek) called the "haka" or "war-dance"

The two-day format will give additional scope for exploring the theory underlying our approach, and tailoring applications in your practice.

*We are talking about psychological, emotional or energetic contact, not about physical touch​

 EveryBodyKnows Workshops for ...

  • Creating safe space
  • Establishing and negotiating boundaries
  • Building internal resources
  • Containment and self-regulation
  • Enriching and enlivening the process of therapy
  • Developing self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-care
  • Building resources, building confidence
  • Deepening your capacity for effective, compassionate engagement
  • Increasing confidence, presence, resilience, authority and therapeutic potency
  • An embodied approach to supervision and treatment planning

The Workshop Presenters

    Michael Gavin                     Brian Stirner